Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Which operating systems are supported?
Windows 10 (Creators Update and newer) and all Android versions from 6.0 and higher.
How can I install SmartCafe?
You can find the various versions of SmartCafe through the Windows Store or the Android Play Store. All versions are available for free as a 7-day trial. Then you can purchase a monthly or annual license directly in the software in the standard and professional version. For the enterprise version please contact us or your dealer.
What are the differences in the different versions?
There are three different versions of SmartCafe which differ both in the number of tables to be managed and in the range of functions.
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
For a detailed overview, see here
Where is the data stored?
The data are stored only locally on the computer/tablet.

In SmartCafe Enterprise, the data is stored in the specified SQL database (either LocalDB or SQL Server) of the SmartCafe server. In no case any sales or product data will be stored on a webserver.
How can I perform a backup?
In SmartCafe Standard and Professional, data backup is easy via the menu item Settings, perform data backup. The restore takes place in the same menu item.
In SmartCafe Enterprise, the data is in the SQL database. The data backup is done either via the SQL Server / LocalDB server directly, or via the corresponding menu item in the Enterprise Server.
Which printers are supported?
For Windows: all printers installed in Windows (system printer) and all printers below.
For Android: All printers that are accessed by the Android operating system and all printers below

In addition, all printers
  • of the EPSON Intelligent Series (e.g., EPSON TMP-T88V-i)
  • Printer with ESC / POS commands (connected via network or bluetooth)
If you are unsure if your printer works, feel free to contact us.
When printing, a printer selection always appears and I have to select a printer. Can this be prevented?

When printing directly from the system printer, the printer selection always appears. To prevent this, you can install the SmartCafe PrintServer in Windows. You can download the installation at Download. The SmartCafe PrintServer can be installed on the computer itself or on another computer in the network.

Alternatively, a printer can be used that can be addressed via ESC / POS or the EPSON Intelligent interface.


How do I create new tables?
Click Settings -> Master Data -> Tables. You can create new tables, rename or delete existing tables. Note that only a limited number of tables can be created in the standard version.
How can I move tables?
You can move the tables by left-clicking on the table and holding down the mouse button. On touch screens, hold your finger on the table for about 1 second and then move the table.
How do I create product groups?
In Settings -> Master data -> Product groups you can create / edit and delete product groups and define their order for the sales window.
What are child and parent product groups?

A sub product group is a product group below another product group. Parent product groups may not have any articles themselves.

By using sub product groups, you can group them by subject and keep track of many articles.



Parent group: Beverages

Sub group 1: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Sub group 2: Wines

Sub group 2-1: Red wine

Sub group 2-1: White wine

Sub group 3: Spirits


This feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise version.

How do I create a menu?

When creating menus, you can simplify the ordering process and avoid mistakes when placing your order. A menu consists of several menu selection groups from which articles can be selected. You can choose to select only one or more items from a group.

  1. Create menu selection groups

    Select items to be available in the selection set. For each item, you can define whether or not to charge a supplement to the menu when selecting the item. You can also choose whether the item is listed separately on the receipt.

  2. Create a menu

    Enter a descriptive name for the menu and define in which department the menu should appear. You can define a price for the menu. Note that surcharges for each item may be added to this price. You can then choose which menu selection groups should be available in this menu.

This feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise versions.


How much does SmartCafe cost?
SmartCafe is available in different versions. For an overview of prices, see here.
What do the updates cost?
All software updates are included in the usage fee. Thus, you get new features, security updates and enhancements and the adjustments to the new legal requirements for free.


Unfortunately, I do not know how to go on. Where can I get help?
Contact us by email atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you need telephone support, you can contact us at the landline number: +49 7461-9665050 .

I miss an important function or I have a suggestion for improvement. Can this feature be added?

If we can put the suggestion in the program and the function adds benefits for all customers, we are happy to include this function in the software.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +49 7461-9665050.

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