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Cash register hardware

The SmartCafe POS system supports a variety of interfaces, different peripheral devices such as receipt and kitchen printers, waiter keys and EC card readers
Although SmartCafe runs on various end devices such as touch computers, tablets and smartphones, a wide range of different devices can be connected.

In addition to receipt and kitchen printers, you can also use waiter keys. Talk to us to find the optimal and most cost-effective combination for your hardware.

Cash register hardware for SmartCafe

Touchscreen POS system

Colormetrics P1000
  • Low priced touch screen POS system
  • Capable 38.1cm (15 ") touch screen for precise and convenient operation
  • Without fan, therefore quiet and reliable
  • SSD 64GB
  • Intel Celeron Quad Core 2GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • Flexible connection options: 5xUSB, 2xCOM, Ethernet (10/100/1000MBit)
  • Direct cash register connection (RJ11)
  • Without operating system
  • Colormetrics P1000
    EUR 599,-
  • Optional: Windows 10 Ent. 2016 CBB
    EUR 69.-
  • Optional: Waiter key system
    EUR 125.-
    (For details, see below)

Receipt printer and accessories

Metapace T3
  • Absolutely reliable direct thermal printer
  • Rapid printing of receipts and vouchers up to 250 mm/sec.
  • Easy connection via integrated USB port
  • Versatile options: serial, parallel, Ethernet and WLAN
  • Alles Out of the Box: einfach auspacken und loslegen
  • Paper width up to 80mm (max 72mm printable)
  • with USB interface
    EUR 198,-
  • with USB + LAN interface
    EUR 229.-
  • with USB + WLAN interface
    EUR 259,-
Metapace T40
  • Space-saving and elegant desktop receipt printer
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232, optional WLAN/Bluetooth
  • Quality printing in different shades of gray and 203 dpi
  • Front or top output
  • Out of the box ready for use - print straight away
  • Paper width up to 80mm
  • with USB, RS232 + LAN interface
    EUR 239,-
  • with USB + Bluetooth interface
    EUR 269.-
  • with USB + WLAN interface
    EUR 299,-
Large cash drawer
  • Euro cash drawer - light or dark gray
  • 6 bills / 8 coin compartments
  • Dimensions: 410x415x114mm
  • Large cash drawer
    EUR 120,-

Waiter key

Waiter key system for Colormetrics P1000
  • The reader is attached to the side of the touch screen
  • USB connection
  • Waiter key USB
    EUR 125,-
  • Optional: Single key (color selectable)
    EUR 11,-
  • Optional: 3 keys
    EUR 30,-
Waiter key Addimat Pen
  • Waiter key for quick and easy user identification
  • High protection by non-manipulable key code
  • Easy operation due to magnetic contact - absolutely wear-free and maintenance-free
  • Bluetooth version available, power supply via USB
  • Waiter key USB
    EUR 125,-
  • Waiter key Bluetooth
    EUR 189,-
  • Optional: Single key (color selectable)
    EUR 11,-
  • Optional: 3 keys
    EUR 30,-
The offer is for non-private persons. All prices are net prices plus 19% VAT and shipping.

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