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Supported hardware

The SmartCafe cash register system can be used with Windows 10 and Android on many touch cash registers, tablets and smartphones
By optimizing the cash register surface on various devices such as tablet, smartphone or PC touch screens, you have the best possible display on all devices. You can use the POS system on Windows 10 and Android. Connecting different types of devices is also also possible (Enterprise version).

If you have any questions about using the software on your hardware, feel free to contact us.

Hardware for SmartCafe

PC-POS system

PC Cash system with Windows 10

Any Windows 10 PC can be used as a cash register. For optimal operation, we recommend the use of a touch screen.
Note: When using the SmartCafe Enterprise version, the "SmartCafe Enterprise Server" database service can run in the background on the PC cash register.


On Windows 10 or Android tablets, SmartCafe can run as a stand-alone cash register or as a mobile cash register in the multi-device environment (Enterprise version). Since many tablets do not have an USB port, POS printers should be connected via Bluetooth or over the network (wifi).


Android smartphones can also be used as a standalone cash register. However, they are optimally used as a mobile cash register in a multi-device environment (Enterprise version).

Receipt printers can be addressed via Wifi or Bluetooth.

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