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SmartCafe is constantly updated - here you can see which innovations have been implemented

Version 2.9.156


  • Article sorting is now also used in SmartOrder
  • Voucher redemption is treated as a payment method in the cash balance
Version 2.9.155


  • FIX: Establishing a connection to the web server after returning from suspend mode
  • FIX: Email sending of receipts/Z-BON
Version 2.9.152


  • Voucher selection possible when billing via selection list
  • DATEV Export: Separate accounts for in-house/out-of-home sales can be defined at item level
  • Internal log rotation
  • Customer points can no longer be redeemed for deposit
  • Hide rebooking dialog if no tables are available
  • Discount function when billing
  • Order dialog for manual recording of deliveries/collections
  • FIX: Display problems in the booking dialog when moving table orders
  • FIX: Canceled voucher bookings on the table and resumption resulted in double voucher balance
  • FIX: Alignment of display on smartphone when sending receipts via email
  • FIX: Deleting tables in the Enterprise version
  • FIX: Guest billing in the Enterprise version
  • FIX: Opening the cash drawer via ePOS XML printing
  • FIX: Display of articles in the Enterprise version when importing
  • FIX: Cash register display settings dialog could no longer be accessed
  • FIX: Menu selection groups multiplied (only in connection with the dashboard)
Version 2.9.147


  • OrderManager devices for mobile order
  • At the cash balance there is a note that tables are still open
  • When doing a cash balance, hint that tables are still open. Optional: No cash balance with open tables
  • Move/Cancel: New feature: Move/cancel all items at once
  • New language: Spanish
  • Transfer cash sale orders to table
  • Larger detection area for back button
  • Group editing option for articles
  • Printer dialog speeds up
  • Shrinkage can also be recorded without inventory
  • Restore data backup: Optionally file by file and not by record
  • DATEV export: In the article, the booking account and BU key can now also be specified for the reduced VAT rate
  • FIX: Stock levels in the Enterprise version may be displayed incorrectly
  • FIX: Keyboard/barcode scanner on Android
  • FIX: Improved printouts via bluetooth on Android
  • FIX: Delete all product groups and articles
Version 2.9.146


  • Dashboard: In the receipt details, the time was in UTC format
  • Export of cash balances as CSV
  • Cancel option for receipt options (popup)
  • New user policy: View cash statements
  • New User Policy: Only show receipts since the last checkout statement
  • A pickup number or order number can be printed on the receipt/kitchen receipt
  • Order number will be printed larger on receipt
  • Order number is assigned randomly, no longer sequentially
  • Voucher selection is now sorted
  • Receipt list export as PDF
  • Acknowledgment beep when entering a PLU in sales
  • FIBU Export: CSV of all sales with positions
  • FIX: Voucher protocol was incorrect in the Enterprise version
  • FIX: When canceling using the +/- button, the display may not have been updated on other devices in the Enterprise version
  • FIX: There may have been problems using barcode scanners on Android
Version 2.9.141


  • Dashboard: Display of sales and open items
  • Dashboard: Extension of the receipt overview with VAT.
  • Advanced connection reconnect for EPSON-TSE
  • FIX: Resume receipt
  • FIX: Temporary customers were not deleted
  • FIX: Suborders were not shown in the position total on the cash register display
  • FIX: Zero receipt creation with activated receipt signature (AT)
  • FIX: Under certain circumstances, the email settings were not saved in Enterprise Server
  • FIX: Android: Report receipts for customers could not be printed on Android
  • FIX: Android: Controlling USB printers in Android 12
Version 2.9.138


  • Remain in the table dialog after splitting
  • Z-BON: Show deposit optionally
  • Added touch numeric keypad in split dialog
  • Print the remaining credit for vouchers on the receipt
  • Optional automatic TSE export and backup for cash accounting
  • Discount was not displayed as a total in the individual item
  • New protocol: Receipts for customers
  • Cash book for any period
  • FIX: Resumption of orders at the table
  • FIX: Discount on buttons not updated correctly
  • FIX: DATEV export window scrollable
  • FIX: Variants were sporadically not displayed in the booking dialog
Version 2.9.133


  • Time selection for reports
  • X-report over any period
  • Optimization for cash register display in the dashboard
  • Receipt printing, optionally also item prices
  • Customer display VCT via ToolsServer
  • Favorites can be optionally hidden
  • Inventory list: Purchase price is also displayed
  • Cancellation: Cash drawer is only opened when cash is returned
  • Deposit/withdrawal reasons: No tax rate for private deposits/withdrawals
  • Log / report on SW updates
  • Shrinkage/spoilage optionally only items from sale selectable
  • Receipt overview: payment types are displayed in the overview (desktop)
  • Optionally do not print a kitchen receipt when ordering
  • Standard icon for product groups without a product group icon
  • FIX: User rights for ToolsServer during installation
Version 2.9.131


  • DATEV export optionally possible without using an interim account
  • FIX: Cash settlement also possible without new receipts
  • FIX: Menu selection groups could not be removed (Enterprise)
  • FIX: Report about sales with activated RKSV (Austria) might lead to a crash
  • FIX: Installing the app on Android 12
Version 2.9.130


  • Restoring databases (Enterprise) from backup in SingleUserMode
  • FIX: Tables with open bookings could be deleted and renamed
  • FIX: There was a crash when calculating cash balances
Version 2.9.128


  • View selection: deposit current view with color (button)
  • "Reuse" vouchers: Enter existing code when selling vouchers -> book this voucher (upon request)
  • Reprint vouchers
  • In the case of partial payments, the remaining amount is now set automatically
  • Revenue by user in the X and Z reports. In the case of X reports for employees, only the employee turnover is displayed
  • In the payment dialog, the amount can be entered using the keyboard
  • ENTER when entering a PLU without specifying a PLU -> start the payment process
  • Cash payment can optionally be deactivated
  • Cash accounting in the Enterprise version checks whether there are new receipts and, if in doubt, prevents the cash accounting
  • PLU entry via keyboard also possible with letters
  • Cancel with - also possible for orders that have already been received
  • Extra text for receipt with payment method "Invoice"
  • FIX: On Android Phone, clicking + in the order list triggered the order twice
Version 2.9.122


  • Deposit/Withdrawal report sorted by reason with subtotal

  • RKSV signature unit chip card reader

  • FIX: Menu ingredients were not saved since last update

Version 2.9.120


  • Copy articles

  • Comments on the article can be optionally printed out

  • Report: Sales by user, added total row

  • Tip function

  • FIX: TSE license verification

Version 2.9.118


  • Multi-line footer text on receipt possible

  • Book menus without selection, by long-pressing on items, selection items can be booked (optional)

  • LongPress on + Sell Behind Article: PopUp for Total

  • View statistics user right: Display in the dashboard further restricted

  • Swissbit -> when using the tools server, a drive change is automatically detected

  • Standard ledger accounts SKR03 and SKR04

  • FIX: Dark mode: buttons hard to read

  • FIX: Admin User could be set as Training User

  • FIX: Feed at end of print and line spacing and receipt options are not saved

  • FIX: Checkboxes: Scrollviews jump back to the top of the page

  • FIX: DATEV export for deposit items

Version 2.9.117


  • Kitchen receipt can be printed several times

  • Z-BON can be sent by email

  • Guest option: Temporary guests can optionally be created

  • Vouchers can be edited and imported

  • Opening the cash drawer can optionally be deactivated

  • KassenSichV implemented for Austria

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9.114


  • Various GUI optimizations
  • Cash drawer now opens before displaying the optional summary
  • FIX: Newly created variants could not be deleted immediately
  • FIX: Under certain circumstances, the time selection in the reports was not displayed correctly on Android Phone
  • FIX: Newly created product groups could not be selected immediately as a parent product group
  • FIX: After activating the guest selection, a restart was necessary to activate the option
Version 2.9.112


  • Backup also backs up local settings
  • Integrated SmartCafe Cloud for sales display and backups
  • Backup in SmartCafe Cloud possible
  • Design changes
  • Gift card managemen
  • Wastage/spoilage
  • Fiskaly online TSE support
  • EPSON-TSE: Host change support
  • FIX: TSE export with large amount of data caused timeout
  • FIX: Comment on kitchen print was not printed in large font
  • FIX: Customer display for menus with sub-orders
Version 2.9.100
  • The table is specified in the cancellation voucher for the kitchen
  • Kitchen printouts for menus are accumulated
  • Identical menus are now combined directly
  • Start-Wizard: Selection of the design, choice of restaurant or retail for demo database
  • Inventory is now also checked for sub-items when posting
  • Automatic ordering process for menus with only one item in the selection group
  • Loyalty points function with customer management
  • FIX: In the master data log, for the entry product group: "Show in SmartOrder", value was swapped
  • FIX: TSE: Under certain circumstances, unnecessary transactions were started
  • FIX: It was not possible to cancel the EC card payment
  • FIX: In menus, the sub-items were not updated when booking with the + symbol
  • FIX: Entering prices for menu items resulted in an error
  • FIX: DSFinV-K-Export: datapayment.csv -> Change was not deducted from the cash amount
  • FIX: When canceling menus, the number of sub-items was incorrectly calculated
  • FIX: Sometimes there was a crash in different dialogs (cross-thread process)
  • FIX: Menus can no longer be created without a selection group
  • FIX: Settings in the view dialog were partially only adopted after a restart
  • FIX: Prices for menus were displayed incorrectly in the item lot
  • FIX: Overwriting of article variants when importing articles
  • FIX: Articles cannot be created without a product group
Version 2.9.92
  • FIX: Problems with controlling the TFT display if it was deactivated again after activation
  • FIX: Card payments via ZVT protocol led to a crash of the software under certain circumstances
Version 2.9.91
  • The comment and discount of an order are now displayed in the order list
  • Icons for settings and statistics dialogs
  • Accounting: The missing amount is now displayed in red. Increased font size.
  • Optionally, the article descriptions for certain articles in sales can be edited
  • The order list is now automatically scrolled to the bottom
  • ON-screen keyboard for cash accounting
  • External POS display can now be connected via USB (Android only)
  • Graphical table view can now also be selected on smartphones
  • Suppliers, order numbers and purchase prices can be stored on the article
  • View type (phone, tablet or desktop) can now be forced in the options
  • Ability to delete all articles at once
  • FIX: Hidden product groups were shown in the alternative view, even if they were hidden for sale
  • FIX: Printer selection printer ESC / POS USB was not closed when the printer was selected.
  • FIX: Dark style improvements
  • FIX: Control of the 2nd screen under Android
  • FIX: With ESC / POS printer now send data via internal buffer
Version 2.9.87


  • TFT customer display: Advertising images can be integrated with a slideshow

  • Print receipt can be hidden via user guidelines

  • New TSE: EPSON TSE (printer) and USB stick / sd card

  • New function: Employee time and attendance

  • Menu can be converted into an article

  • Android USB printer receipt printers

  • SmartOrder: Changed pick-up times must optionally be confirmed again by the customer

  • New user right: Print receipt cannot be changed

  • New view for the booking dialog (optional)

  • Print entertainment cost section and table receipt in the accounting dialog can be hidden

  • FIX: Receipt list was possibly not displayed correctly

  • FIX: Acknowledgment options dialog was not displayed correctly on small screens

  • FIX: Product group properties could not be fully displayed on small screens

  • FIX: Moving a table on touch screens under Windows

  • FIX: Double bookings when placing an order if the touch screen bounces

  • FIX: Windows rights for ToolsServer se

Version 2.9.82


  • Feed optimized for printout of receipts
  • FIX: Possible bug in the interaction of TSE, cash sales and training fixed
  • FIX: Product group icons under Windows
Version 2.9.81


  • Design change for SmartOrder payment settings, receipt dialog
  • Cancellation of receipts: You can now select the payment type of reimbursement for receipts that have been paid not in cash
  • Quick renaming of tables possible in the sales dialog
  • DATEV Export: Cost center, consultant and client can be specified during the export. Document field expanded with comments or receipt address
  • 2nd TFT display under Android can be used as a customer display
  • Swissbit TSE: update to version 5.8.1
  • SmartOrder: If the delivery date changes, a new confirmation from the customer can optionally be requested
  • FIX: Error when importing databases on SmartCafe Professional into SmartCafe Enterprise
  • FIX: Cancellation receipts for non-cash receipts could sometimes lead to incorrect cash balances
  • FIX: You can only rename tables that have not been booked
  • FIX: Articles may have been included multiple times in cash sales
Version 2.9.80


  • Article can only be created with a product group
  • Update to Swissbit TSE-API v5.7.6
  • FIX: Under Android, some TSE data might not be printed out on the receipt
  • FIX: Discount groups when editing the price were not completely displayed
  • FIX: SmartOrder: Product groups were only syncronized with articles
Version 2.9.79


  • SmartCafe Tools Server: Can be started as a normal user. Supports Swissbit TSE
  • FIX: Problems with cross-thread access may occur on Android
Version 2.9.78


  • SmartOrder: Pickup and delivery times can be selected individually for the next 7 days
  • SmartOrder: Quantities for menues
  • SmartOrder: Now available in SmartCafe Enterprise Server
  • Users in an admin group can reset the passwords of other users without entering the old user password
  • +/- function also for articles with price entry and menus
  • Z-BON: Printout includes tax number, target difference, start and end cash balance
  • Order process: the order list is automatically scrolled down on the mobile phone when new items are added
  • FIX: Menu selection of side dishes could not be ended without a minimum quantity
  • FIX: Positioning when moving tables under Windows was inaccurate
  • FIX: Receipt view had display problems under Windows
  • FIX: Tables were displayed incorrectly when switching between different views
  • FIX: Printout of changes to SmartOrder orders on the kitchen printer
  • FIX: Interim report
  • FIX: Table display in the list view when items have been transferred
  • FIX: Display of the article dialog on small screen resolutions
Version 2.9.73


  • FIX: User rights were not applied after a new login on sales dialog
  • FIX: Multiline footer was not correctly formated
  • FIX: Exception while creating QR-Codes in Windows
Version 2.9.72


  • Automatic scaling of large images for SmartOrder
  • Improved billing performance

  • +/- button behind ordered items

  • Phone: Long press on - button cancels entire order

  • Convert article to menu

  • Support of SUNMI printers

  • Additional paper feed when cutting on receipt printer

  • Payment method PayPal for SmartOrder directly via the restaurant PayPal account

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • FIX: Button color / size for menus

  • FIX: Enterprise version, cancellation of cash sales showed orders from other devices

  • FIX: When selling variants, they might have been charged twice when invoicing

Version 2.9.70


  • Sending receipts by e-mail

  • SmartOrder order form with price for inserts

  • Sortable tables

  • Receipt options in the billing dialog can now be displayed in a popup instead of directly in the dialog

  • FIX: Article overview page in the design "dark"

Version 2.9.23


  • Article lists can be created

  • Possibility to provide an address before booking (delivery service)

Version 2.9.22


  • The desktop view can now be selected on tablet devices
  • Extended settings for ESC/POS printers
  • Extended formatting options for receipt printing
Version 2.9.21


  • FIX: No deposit could be returned on tablets and smartphones

  • FIX: Deposit return in training mode

  • FIX: Deposit return in Enterprise version

Version 2.9.19


  • FIX: Company data could not be saved (only Enterprise App)

Version 2.9.18


  • Import and export of articles

  • Improved synchronization between enterprise devices

  • When course selection is activated, course two is now always selected as standard

  • Partially incorrect summary of articles with comments

  • Overlapping display when billing on smartphones if "Specify prices without tax" was activated

  • Empty entries in the master data log (articles, variants) are no longer created

  • Checked age was not reset in cash sales after settlement

  • Article variants are now printed on separate kitchen notes (optional)

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